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Although the “good old days” were not entirely without vice, few can argue that modern living is seen as being more threatening to personal safety and security of property. Unfortunately, it is widely becoming more accepted that it is down to the individual to take an active role in the protection of themselves and their property. The inability of the police to investigate thefts and damage to property, without large amounts of evidence being present, means that often, all they do is provide a crime reference number for the victim to claim through insurance.

Bulwark Safety Solutions Ltd provide confidential security assessments and advice for private, residential, small business, community, religious, charity and youth organisations.

We will visit your premises to observe and note the structure and activities. Then provide a detailed report containing our findings, and suggestions on how security could be improved.

The investigation can include:

The report will recommend actions that can be taken, the benefits involved, and the associated costs involved.