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High Risk Equipment

Some equipment in schools like Powered gates and barriers, Guillotines and Electric Kilns, have specific high risks involved in their use and maintenance.

Bulwark Safety Solutions Ltd can provide accident investigation, repairs, routine servicing, annual and 6 monthly safety checks. Ensuring that the equipment continues to operate safely and is documented as such.

Work Experience Placements

The worth of practical experience is well known; however, young adults often do not have the experience to ensure their safety, and employers, sometimes, are unaware of how an environment that is safe for their regular workforce can hold additional dangers for temporary personnel that have a sense of invulnerability combined with a lack of maturity and environmental awareness.

Bulwark Safety Solutions Ltd will liaise with the educational establishment and participant, to establish what they wish to achieve from the placement, we then visit the employers’ premises to establish an environment safe for the student to learn in. We will then organise a safety briefing for the participants and finally, if required, be available to provide advice for the duration of the placement.