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Modern living is becoming increasingly reliant on being able to access the internet, which brings another range of risks and problems, along with all the benefits to be gained. Bulwark Safety Solutions Ltd realises that for some of the more vulnerable members of society this can lead to avoidance, distrust, inconvenience, upset and financial loss.

So, we run regular training evenings for our local community, in which we cover things such as selecting passwords, setting up an email address, avoiding scams and protecting yourself online

These courses are all run to make it as easy as possible for those involved to learn and put into practice, the skills needed to get the best out of the internet, while reducing the exposure to the hazards that can be encountered.

We also provide personal and home safety lectures, to help protect those same people against the undesirables who try to exploit the vulnerabilities and trusting nature of our senior generation.

This is all done in a friendly, informal environment, with a maximum of half an hour talk, a quarter hour discussion, a quarter hour, formal question and answer session, and then half hour informal questions. There are always clear handouts for every session and access to a monitored discussion and advice group online afterwards.

There is sometimes a nominal fee, but no proactive selling at all, on the day of the session or afterwards.

Any services requested by attendees, will be reasonably advised by Bulwark Safety Solutions Ltd for free.

If these services are then requested to be supplied it will be at a pace acceptable to the customer, at a discounted rate than that offered to other (private and business) customers.