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Portable Appliance Testing

All organisations are required by law to maintain any equipment that connects to mains electricity so that it is safe to use. (Electricity at Work Regulations 1989) PAT records are a way to assist in showing this is carried out.

Simple faults, damage, ’temporary repairs’ and misuse can have electrifying results and a shocking fine.

General Data Protection Regulations

Last year the EU data regulations became directly applicable to all member states, becoming part of UK legislation. They give citizens very strong rights on how personal data is collected, used and stored.

Fines of up to £20,000,000 or 4% of an organisation’s turnover provide a very big stick to ensure compliance.



All organisations with more than 5 Employees (including volunteers) MUST have a written Health and safety policy, including, where necessary, appropriate Risk Assessments.

Health and Safety legislation is continually evolving, and with media spin, it can be confusing to know what is required.

Recently, community is increasingly important. With elements of society becoming more exposed and isolated, it is often necessary to use the internet to access information and services. Unfortunately, complicated procedures can be overwhelming and, scare stories of hacking, malware, phishing and viruses make headlines daily.





PAT GDPR Risk Assessment Community



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